Ross Bay

This run down 1911 Fairfield home allowed us to do what we do best: bring derelict homes back to life. Despite years of neglect, the home had some features worth saving, like the original ornate fireplace and mantel, and beautiful millwork along the hallway and staircase. We saw an opportunity to honour the home’s history, while bringing it up to date with a very contemporary kitchen and bathrooms. In the backyard, extensive landscaping creates a luxurious outdoor retreat, complete with a pond, ornamental trees, and a gas fireplace surrounded by a contemporary concrete wall. A sixteen by nine foot window system spans the entire back wall of the kitchen, creating a seamless transition between the garden and the open dining/kitchen area. With extensive upgrades to the structure, mechanical systems, and finishes, the project earned four Gold awards for Best Renovation, Best Interior, Best Contemporary Bathroom, and Best Heritage Project. The project also won Silver awards for Project of the Year, Best Contemporary Kitchen, Best Outdoor Space, and Best Innovative Feature.

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